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101 Check List for Paragraph Writing


A. Format & Organisation

  1. Margin is on the left?

  2. Name, ID, course (section), date?

  3. Title? Centred? Capitalization rule of headings? p. 12

  4. On every other line? (not on every line)?

  5. Clear handwriting with spaces between words?

  6. Plan! And list keywords

  7. Three (or four) main support? No overlaps? All fall under controlling idea?


B. Language and Grammar

  1. TC Topic sentence: topic + controlling idea? p. 7 (for Reason paragraph: There are two/ three/ several/ a number of reasons why ...)

  2. Have details? Adding information? (examples, definitions, further explanation or smaller details, warning, clarification, distinction, related experience) (for Reason paragraph: also see p. 61 )

  3. Is your writing detailed:

    1. Specific nouns (e.g. ‘there was a young student’ instead of ‘there was a man’,  ‘a small older mosque’ instead of ‘a building’, etc.)?

    2. Adjectives, adverbs and noun modifiers? pp.192-193,  225-227

    3. Prepositional phrases (e.g. ‘at the end of the street’, ‘during the course’, ‘for seven hours’, ‘with a hummar’, ‘in the morning’, etc.)?

  4. Each sentence has a verb? Verb tense (past or present) correct? Grammar Links or pp. 192, 225-227

  5. Transitions? pp. 15, 235 (for Reason paragraph: pp.37-38, 77, 79, 81)

  6. Capitalisation? Grammar Links or pp. 241-242

  7. Attention to comma vs. full stop? pp. 243-244

  8. Concluding sentence (recapping the TC or commenting on the whole topic)? p. 139

  9. Subject-verb agreement? Grammar Links online or textbook pp. 219-220

  10. Check spelling?

  11. 11 to 15 sentences?

  12. Using different types of sentences? Grammar Links

  13. Meaning clear?

  14. Sentence structure ok?  Click here for help


This is how your paper shoould look like:




Mariam Mohammed


Engl 101 (4)

14 March 2015


                                                                  Process Paragraph: Getting a Passing Grade in a Difficult Course

 Start writing here........


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