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Test 1 structure

A. Reading - 15 questions (comprehension, True, False or Not Given (T, F, NG), pronoun reference, Finding vocabulary in text that match th definitions given) - 15 marks


B. Writing - a number of tasks for a total of 15marks, including:

        a. write a controlling idea from a topic prompt (X3) - 3 marks;

        b. write a concluding sentence for a paragraph (X1) - 2 marks;

        c. identify main support sentences in a paragraph (X2) - 2 marks

        d. write an 11-sentence process paragraph from a choice of one from five topics - 8 marks



Prompts to Help You Write Your Process Paragraph for Test 1


Here are some examples to help you write the process paragraph:



For the TOPIC sentence:

Some examples: Choose depending on the topic. Not all fit all topics.

X is easy if you follow these steps.

It is easy to X if you follow these steps.

To X, follow these steps.

In order to X, follow these steps.

Follow these steps to X.

X can be stressful, but you can reduce your stress by following these steps.

X is a process that requires Y and Z. (e.g. ‘patience and

determination’, ‘attention and wisdom’, ‘knowledge and experience’, etc.


*You can replace ‘these steps’ with ‘this procedure’, ‘these guidelines’, ‘these

instructions’, ‘these directions’.


*You can replace ‘easy’ with ‘simple’, ‘possible’, ‘problem-free), etc.


For the main point/steps sentences, use the table on pages 97, 101 and 45.


For the conclusion

Use a suitable signal from the table on page 47 for the conclusion. Read

examples from the book in Chapter 3 for Test1 (examples in Chapter 3

and Chapter 6 for Test 2 and the final)



The topic sentnece is in red. Then come the three steps, followed by a conclusion sentence. The conclusion is in green.


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