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ENGL 101



Test 2: In class, . Chapters 3 and 5. Strucure will be provided soon. Paragraph types: reason and contrast. 

ONLY Writing in Test 2. See model below.


Cover at least pages 1 to 10 at least from the GS List, plus all the parts we covered in the textbook. After you finish with the textbook, check all the Green links below. Practise the following writing topics.

Vocabulary lists on pages 56, 88 and 122 are very useful for the writing topic.


Examples of reason paragraph topics for (11 sentences):

1. Why students need to learn English

2. Why many people choose to do voluntary work 

3. Why you have chosen to study engineering (or arcitecture)

4. Why should everyone exercise

5. Why should smoking be banned on the university premises


Grading Scheme

+1 mark for topic sentnece

+1 makr for the concluing sentence

+10 marks for the over all level (structure, use of layers, appropriate and specific information, use of comma and full stops, capitalisation, spelling, specific nouns and adjectives, subjec-verb agreement. different types of sentences, use of correct signals, calrity and proper use of pronouns, etc.)

You will lose 0.5 grade for the title if not well written

You will lose 0.5 mark from your total for every missing sentences (you should write 11-12 sentences).

Examples of contrast paragraph topics (You will have to write three main support points and a conluding only)

1. Two age groups (adults, teenagers, children) in respect to how they amuse themselves.

2. Compare yourself now to yourself at a younger age with respect to your goals and priorities in life.

3. Compare school to university life.

4. Compare mothers' role in Bahrain to it in another country.


e.g While my focus was on getting high grades at school, I now focus on learing and improving my skills.

When I was a child, people's opinion about me mattered a lot and affected me deeply. In contrast, I now only judge myself against my values and principles.

As a child, I thought that I would be an Math teracher, but now I want to be an engineer. 

All in all, my goals and priorities have changed a lot, and I feel more focused and more mature. 

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