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Test 2 Guide

You have only 45 minutes .

Test 2 Sample HERE

Please refer to the Textbook Minimum Coverage for more experiences from Chapter 3.

1. Question 1 (8 Marks):
I will provide a topic sentence and  you will have to write THREE main idea sentences, one detail/support for each and a concluding sentence (therefore, ending up with an 8-sentence paragraph).


Study AT LEAST these sample Reason Paragraphs from Chapter 3: Bike Riding p. 70, Mumbai Restaurant p. 71-72, Comedies p. 72, Reading Novels p. 73-74. 

Question 2 (12 Marks):
You will be required to write an 11-sentence REASON paragraph.

And that's it! You need to be fast and precise. You need to practice!

Useful language focus points:

  •  Verb tenses (present or past?) See links to Irregular Verb, Present Simple and Past Simple under Grammar .  Also see book p. 18-19. 

  • A good topic sentence:

    • For more examples, find the topic sentences in all the paragraph samples in Chapter 3.

                 Some possible (and easy) topic sentence structures are:


A. X  is/are/was/were ADJECTIVE for  two/three/several/ many reasons.

Examples: Learning English is very important for several reasons.

                    Probiotics are very healthy for three main reasons. 


B.  There are two/three/several/ many reasons why X is/are/was/were ADJECTIVE.

Examples: There are several reasons why learning English is important.

                     There are three main reasons why probiotics are healthy.


C.  I/People/Students/Children/... find X ADJECTIVE for two/three/several/ many reasons.

Examples: I find learning English very important for several reasons.

                    Alternative medicine finds probiotics very healthy for three main reasons. 


D.  I/People/Students/Children/... VERB OF FEELING (enjoy, hate, like, fear, avoid, ... present or past) for two/three/several/ many reasons.

Examples: Students hate writing essays for two reasons.

When I was a child, I enjoyed going to my uncle Ahmed's house for three reasons. 

  • Main support: give two or three logical reasons. Use transitions.

  • Details: can be sensory experiences, an example and/or explanation (see page 71, and Table on page 73).

  • Use adjectives, specific words, prepositional phrases (p.44)

  • Use transition words to move from one Main Support to the next Main Support (the table on p. 41)

Topics to prepare words for:

Remember: You either give the reason for something that you did or something that happened in the past (=past simple), or something that is a routine in your life or happens repeatedly (=present simple). Attention to Subject-verb agreement!

  • Why is English language important?

  • Why did you choose to study this specialty?

  • What are the reasons more and more young people are smoking?

  • Explain why xxxx is your favorite movie?

  • Why many people like to watch horror movie?

  • Why you like to study in a certain room or place?

  • Explain why there is more divorce nowadays.

  • Explain why cheating in exams is bad for the student

  • Can you explain why you chose to study XXX at university?

Grammar and Vocabulary: Choose your level!

This is the MINIMUM to cover, but I encourage you to cover more after you finish with this by going to MINIMUM COVERAGE

LEVEL 1. Minimum Requirement for Weak Students (students who scored less than 18 in Test 1)

From the book: 


See the following lesson in the book or online under Grammar:

Irregular Verbs

Present Simple

Past Simple

Subject-Verb Agreement


Modal verbs

Gerund (-ing) and infinitives (to -) 


Words in tables in the book p. 5 and p. 28

GS List-only pages 1-4 HERE

LEVEL 2. Minimum Requirements for Average Students (Students who scored between 18 and 24 in Test 1)

The points above in LEVEL 1 plus the following:

Under Grammar

The use of definite (the) and indefinite article (a/an)

Prepositions of time

Prepositions of place

Simple, compound and complex sentences

GS List pages 1-7 HERE

LEVEL 3. Minimum Requirements for Excellent Students (students who scored 25 or more in Test 1)

The points above in LEVEL1 and LEVEL 2 plus the following:

Under Grammar:

Present simple or present continuous

Past simple or present perfect

Adjective placement


GS List at least 1-10, best if you cover all. HERE

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