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Q1: Read the different questions by the physician taking a patient history. These are not in correct order. What is each step called?  (2 marks)

                       Example chief complaint_  How can we help you today, Mr. Jassim?

  • __________________ (see the book pp. 2 and 4)

  • __________________


Q2. Rewrite the following leading questions so they are more open-ended. (2 marks)

  • __________________ __________________ (see the book p. 4)

  • __________________ __________________


Q3. Write what you would say to the patient in the following cases (2 marks)


  • Example: If you want the patient to take off his shirt. (see the book p. 6)



Q4. Fill the blanks in the sentences below using words from the box.  (4 marks)

(See words in the green boxes on pages 7 and 8, and Glossary of Unit 1 on page 92).




Q5. Choose the best answer for the questions according to the following article:

Four questions testing your understanding (multiple choice)

  • Two questions about the meaning of words in the passage (you should guess from context) (multiple choice)

  • Two questions about references (to what does he/she/it/they/him/them/her/our/this/that/these/ which/ who/ his/ their etc. refer to? (multiple choice)

  • Two questions True or False (you write T if true, F if false).

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