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Theme 3: Data Commentary Checklist

·      a single paragraph? (-1 if not)

·      1st sentence: TOPIC sentence: with referring to the table or figure and telling what it presents? (-1 if not included or badly written, -0.5  if included but some language problem, still readable)

·      2nd Sentence: TREND or something that STANDS OUT (or starting with the biggest percentage to the smallest.)

·      Did you use both FRACTIONS and PERCENTAGES? (-1 if only fractions or only percentages)

·      All sentences start with a CAPITAL LETTER and end with a FULL STOP? (-0.5 for every two mistakes)

·      All sentences have a VERB in the right tense? (-0.5 for every mistake)

·       Did you use a CONNECTOR (while, whereas) once or twice in a suitable position? (-0.5 if not used at all or used in a wrong way, e.g. full stop between the two connected sentences).

·      -1 for each missing information not included, or incomprehensible sentence. ​​

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