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Key to Success

ENGL 154 (semester 2, 2018-19) Study Guide

  • You have three references to study from: the supplementary textbook (Connectivity 1), the webpage of Connectivity 1, the webpage of Grammar.

  • Start with studying Irregular Verb list and Adding -ed and -ing List (See Appendix B and Appendix C at the back of Connectivity 1).

  • Now study Unit 3 in the book, cover three sections only: Vocabulary, Language focus and Reading. At the same time use Connectivity webpage to cover the same three sections of Unit 3. Also use Lesson 27 (only the yellow highlighted part) in the Grammar link on the website to study Passive and Active in Simple Present and Past simple .

  • Then study the Language Focus of Units 1 and 2 from the textbook and from Connectivity 1 Webpage. Beside that, study the four tenses (simple present, past simple, present perfect and present continuous) from the Grammar link on this webpage (Lessons 5 to 10).

  • Study the Writing for the Final section from ENGL 154 course webpage. There is a sample with guidelines as comments PLUS there is a list of topics you can practice. Apply all that you learnt in grammar, vocabulary and writing skills.

  • Check your e-copies of Test 1 (verb tenses) and Test 2 (passive or active). Learn your weaknesses and make sure you never make a mistake in these questions. If you don't have your copies, ask a friend to forward you his or hers.

  • Finally, use the reading of Units 1, 2 and 4 and the reading links on the course webpage for further practice. 

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