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Assessments of ENGL 154

Test 1

20 marks, 1 hour (common test)

1. Reading (10 marks): an IT related  text followed by comprehension questions, vocabulary in context, pronoun reference, True or False, and critical thinking.

2. Language use (10 marks): tense (present/past simple) and voice (active/passive) 4 marks;

time prepositions 4 marks;

nominalisation (as in the reading booklet, page 23, word list from handout) 2 marks. 



Test 2

10 marks, 40 minutes (in-class)

3. Writing Topic Sentences (4 marks):

4. Writing (6 marks): you will get either Describing a procedure (see Theme 2 Writing section on our main page) OR introducing a cultural event or celebration (see Theme 1 Writing, p. 11 and Thanksgiving samlpe on p. 14)

Test 3

20 marks, 1 hr (common test)

1. Reading (6 marks): an IT related  text followed by comprehension questions, vocabulary in context, pronoun reference, and True/False questions.

2. Language use (6 marks): six tense (present simple, present continuous, past simple, past continuous or present perfect) in both affirmative and negative each (3 marks); filling gaps with appropriate subordinates or coordiantes .

3. Writing (8 marks): Writing a commentary on pie charts (see Theme 3 in the Writing book)

Quiz (or Test 4)

10 marks, 30 minutes (in-class)

Six pairs of sentences and a coordinator or subordinator is provided between parentheses at the end. A student is required to join each pair using the connector in the appropriate place and make any required changes in capitalisation, punctuation and sentence order (4 marks); four sentence prompts, and students are required to complete the sentence meaningfully and grammatically in their own words (4 marks). 

Students should study the vocabulary lists in Theme 3 both Reading p. 29 and Writing booklets p. 25) and the Vocabulary List of Theme 4 in the Writing booklet (p. 33) as they will be used extensively in forming sentences for this question. They should also be aware of the following language usage lessons to be able to complete sentences correctly:

  • Verb tenses studied (online links).

  • use of perhaps, can and may to write a possibility (Reading p. 32);

  • Back reference using pronouns and possessive pronouns (Reading p. 33);

  • Subordinators and coordinators.

Final Exam

40 marks, 2 hours (date and time as appears in your online timetable)

Part 1: Reading covering all skills obtained in reading practices (10 marks);

Part 2: Language Use: Verb tenses; pronouns and possessive adjectives (Reading booklet Theme 3, p. 33); articles (Theme 4 online links); conditional statements (online handout on conditionals 0, 1, 2 and 3) (15 marks);

Part 3: Writing a process paragraph for (as in Test 2); writing a five-paragraph for and against essay (15 marks). 

Last updated on 28 Jan. 2018.

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