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For Test One and Two

Test 1(30 marks)

A common examination, Covering Themes 1 and 2 (both Reading and Writing books)


Wednesday 6 April, 11.30 to 13.00. Venue:

Section 12 in  S1A-025

Section 16 in S1A-28


!!!! Click here for the strucure of Test 1 !!!!


1. Reading: an IT related  text followed by comprehension questions, vocabulary in context, pronoun reference, and critical thinking.

2. Language use: tense (present/past simple) and voice (active/passive); time prepositions; nominalization (as in the reading booklet, page 23). 

3. Technical vocab.: a matching exercise on computer parts.

4. Writinga descriptive essay: as on page 22 (the writing booklet).


add to the vocabulary list: RAM: (Random Access Memory) memory that can be read and written to by the processor. 


Test 1 Coverage

1. Grammar Links (on my webpage): irregular verbs, present simple and past simple, Prepositions of Time

2. Vocabulary list: Computer parts

3. From class notes and assignments: Passive Voice (present simple and past simple)

4. Reading Book:

p. 9

p. 11 Skills Check 1+2

p. 15

p. 59

p. 19

p. 61 (D)

p. 21

p. 22 Skills Check 1 + 2

p. 23 (+ the handout with list of nouns and verbs- nonanalisation)

p. 25



5. Writing Book:

p. 9

p. 11 Skills Check 1 + 2

p. 12

p. 54-55

p. 13

p. 14 A

p. 56


p. 18 (A)

p. 20 Skills Check

p. 17

p. 18 (A)

p. 20 Skills Check

p. 19

p. 22

p. 58 (C + D)


Sample writing below (but this is not a complete essay. You need to follow the four-pragraph system as in the book):


Before-People consider chickenpox to be the same as measles.

850?: Muslim scientist Al Razi discovers: chickenpox different

1767: William Heberden explains in publication how chickenpox is different from measles.

1974: Japanese scientist Michiaki Takahashi discovers  vaccine

1995: hospitals starts to use vaccine -immune people


In early days, people considered chickenpox to be the same as measles, but around year 850, the Muslim scientist Al Razi discovered that chickenpox was different. In 1767,William Heberden explained in a publication how chickenpox was different from measles. In 1974, the Japanese scientist Michiaki Takahashi discovered a vaccine. Hospitals started to use the vaccine in 1995 to immune people against chickenpox.


Also read this for example of how to write about an invention or discovery. Attention to: verb tense, verb voice, prepostions, full stops and commas, capitalisations 



Test 2 (20 marks)

In class (during your normal class time) and will be a 45-minute-long test.

on 8th May 2016


!!! Click Here for the structure of Test 2 !!!


1. Reading (6 marks): (100-150 words, related to IT) followed by a T or F question and a reference questions as in the exercise here

2. Langauge Use (6 marks): 3 marks: completing the sentences using the provided verb. Use the correct tese (past or present) and the correct voice (active or passive) as in the exercise here;

3 marks: vocabulary of Information and Internet: starting on p. 6 from the vocabulary document here)


3. Writing (8 marks): Either writing a short data commentary on a graph OR using a list of findings presented to write a complete paragraph describing the findings of a questionnaire as in the exercise here. Use the Writing book pp. 27 and 29 for guidelines.

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