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Theme 1 

Describing a cultural event or celebration

1. Did you use paragraphs? All information included in complete sentences (subject, verb)?

2. Paragraph 1: Introduction to the even, Paragraph 2: History of the event, Paragraph 3: How is the event celebrated nowadays?

3. Capital letters when beginning a sentence? Capital letter for proper names of people, countries, cities, regions, religions, week days, months?

4. Present simple verb for routines and facts? Do you need an -s or not? Do you need does not or do not?

5. Past simple for completed actions in the past? Do you need -ed or is it an irregular verb? Do you need did not?

6. Can you add adverbs of frequency in some parts (always, usually, most of the time, sometimes, from time to time, rarely, never) before the verb?

7. Did you add linking words referring to order of events where suitable (First, to start with, next, after that, then (without a comma), later, finally)?

8. Did you use time prepositions (in, on and at )correctly?

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