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154 Checklist for Essay Writing (Theme 4, Final Exam)


Format (of essay when handing in to instructor)

  1. Margin (with a line/puntured holes) is on the left?

  2. Name, ID, course (section), date?

  3. Heading? Capitalization rule of headings?

  4. On every other line? (not on every line)?

  5. Clear handwriting with spaces between words?

  6. If more than one sheet, stapled?


Language and Grammar


A. Introduction paragraph: Three sentences, the last is the thesis sentence. 

​B. Two body paragraphs (one for, one against)

  1. 1. Each paragraph starts with a TC Topic sentence: topic + controlling idea? 

  2. Each paragraph has three (or four) main support in the for paragraph, and three (or four) main support in the against paragraph?

  3. There are some details for main support sentences: At least two details in each paragraph? (example, explanation, definition, etc.)Subject verb for each sentence? Correct verb tense in each sentence.)

C. Conclusion: Two to three sentences, summarizing the essay, followed by your stance/viewpoint. ​

Points to pay attention to in all the essay

  1. Sentences are complete: subject + verb (+complements).

  2. The correct tense (from the five tenses) and the correct voice (active or passive) is used.

  3. Correct Prepositions of time? ( Writing p. 13) Prepositions of Place?

  4. Articles a/an, the or 0 used correctly? (Writing p. 37)

  5. Transition words are used? (First, Second, Finally, To begin with, Additonally, Besides,...)

  6. Capitalisation rules applied? 

  7. Attention made to comma vs. full stop

  8. Spelling checked?

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