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About Engl 447 final exam

  • Please check the link under Course Description called Structure of the Final Exam!

  • Your handouts are complete. Use the eight the lessons under E-Summaries for studying for the final exam. 

  • See final exam structure and analysis question sample below (in Green, under Course Description). I have removed the link for the handout that is not required (the last one). 

  • For the last question, go to this article:  . First read the abstract (p. 112) so you get a general idea what it is about. Then go to page 118. Study the ten advantages that Hebrew revivalists had several advantages compared with Australian revivalists. You may be asked to list all or some, asked to complete a list (i.e. I provide some and ask you to list the rest), or you may be asked to explain certain ones in your own words in only one line.)

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