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Dear ENGL 447 students,

As you are all aware, this is an elective course, so I assume that every single student in class actually wants to learn sociolinguitistics. 

I always notice that the class shrinks when oral presentations take place. This is very upsetting for the following reasons:

1. Attending relfeccts your respect towards the students presenting, indicating that what they say is valuable and that it is worth your time.

2. Since each group read only one article, and each students will write an essay on two other articles, attending seven presentations means that by the end of the course you will have been exposed to ten recent articles in the sociolinguistics field (three of which you will have examined in depth and seven others that you will have been informed about in brief by your colleagues_. Thus, each presentation you skip, means missing out a lot on actual applications of research in the field, something you do not want to do in a course you  chose  to take. 

3. I do some teaching or mention important things in class before, during or after the presentations.

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