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447 Article Presentation Dates (as per group numbered on 447 main page):


Sun. 26th March 2017 Group 1

Tues. 28th March 2017 Group 3

Thurs 30th March 2017 Group 2

Sun. 2nd April 2017 Group 4

Tues. 4th April Midterm, part 1

Thurs. 6th April Midterm, part 2

Sun. 23th April Group 5 and 6

Tues 25th April Group 7 

Thurs. 27th April Groups 8 and 9

It is better that I use my laptop to link it to the projector. You need to bring your presentation on a CD (not a USB).


Please note that each group has 25 minutes in total so be concise and choose the most important points and findings only, don't give details. Time management is a key point to a successful presentation.

Midterm 2 structure:

Section I

1. Providing terms for given examples 

2. True or false about the lessons

3. A question specifically on Labov's department store experiment (answering it will require a few sentences, 4-5 lines)

4. listening points (without explaining)


Section II

You will be given a list of four words, either only in Arabic, only in English, or in both Arabic and English. You will be asked to explain the the transilatibility of these words between your culture and also in the Western (or British, or any other different) culture. You should write a complete paragraph or two paragraphs, using proper paragraph structure and related terms as you have learnt in the course in relation to this topic. 


O'Barr Question's structure:

A question on O’Barr and Atkin’s study of 1980

I. Circle the right option to describe the research: (3 marks)

  1. e.g Lakoff used (  x   / y  ) to collect data.

  2. e.g Her findings have (  x   / y  ) the results of Z research. 

  3. II. Now explain  ( a specific point I will ask for)  (3 marks)





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