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ENGL 447 project


1. Length: minimum 1,500 words and  3,000 words  maximum for individual projects;

2,000-3,000 for groups of two; 

3,000 minimum and 3,500 maximum for groups of three students.


2. Your project will consist of the following:

Cover page (see link to format)

1. Introduction (6-10% of total word count)

2. Literature review (20% of total work count): See links of Lit review on my ENGL 219 page (to the right). Use Library search engine, not Google. If you are not sure how, staff at the Central Library can help you. Most of what you will need is available online so you may not even need to borrow any books!

3. Methodology (5-10%)

4. Findings (or Results) and Discussion (50-60%)

5. Conclusions (6-10%)

References (use APA, Harvard or MLA style, Click here for guidelines)


3. For format and layout, please check link to Guidelines to academic writing on ENGL 447 page.


4. Use libraray soruces, both hardcopies and, even better, online sources. Journals are the best source for research date. If, however, you find yoruself obliged to search online using search engines (e.g. Google), then make sure to follow these steps to evaluate your source before quoting from it:


For the components of each section, please refer to my Engl 219 page where I provide instructions and also samples.


Left stable the papers. Submit a hard copy and after that, email me your soft copy using the following subject line: ENGL 447 student YOUR NAME final project

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