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ENGL 447

Test on Language and Gender

Question 1 (3 marks)

According to Lakoff, there are certain aspects that mark woman’s language. Complete the table below by either providing an example of the provided mark or the term used for the mark that the available example represents.


(a  six-row  two column table, Column 1 mentions three marks  and have three missing, while Column 2 mentioens three exams and three are missing. You are expected to complete the table.)


Question 2 (5 marks)

Answer the following questions in brief about the following theories (only in two lines at maximum per question)

A question on each theory, will be asking for very specific details (e.g. the theory or the assumption, the sample used, the size of the sample, the criteria used to choose sample, the method, the results, the conclusions, any criticism, points, features, etc.)

  1. William O’barr

  2. Dominance theory

  3. Difference - Tannan

  4. about Trudgill- social class and gender


Question 3 (2 marks)

The short text below uses sexist language. Cross about the parts that need to be edited and write your correction so that you correct sexism.


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