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Academic writing layout


1. Size a of Paper and Colour

A4, only white paper


2.Layout of Text

1 inch margins (2.5 cm), only print on one side of a page (single-sided copies)

Text should all be in black. Do not use coloured text. Colours can be used for graphs and images. 



3. Spacing

Test should be either in 1.5 spacing or double spacing.

Only long direct quotations and notes should be in single spacing and indented.


4. Pagination (page numbering)

In a short essay or assignment, where there are no preliminary pages (introduction chapter, acknowledgements page , List of Contents page, or abstract page), then number your pages using Arabic numbers (1, 2, 3, ...) at the centre bottom.


If you have a longer project with preliminary pages (title page, acknowledgements, abstract, table of contents), then the cover page is page i but the number should not show on the page. The following page is page ii. Use Roman numbers for all preliminary pages (i.e. the pages that come before the introduction). Page 1 is the first page of the Introduction

Numbering must be continuous throughout and include all plans, tables, illustrations, references, appendices etc. which are bound in with the text.


HERE is a video on how to create different page numbering in the same document.

5. Character Size

Character sizes should be at least 10 points (often, size 12 is used at university for the body and 14 bold for heading level 1, 13 italic for heading level 2). 


6. Character Styles

  • For the main text (the body): serif font – for example Times (New Roman) or Palatino - all has to be left aligned. 

  • For Headings and labelling diagrams: sans serif font – for example Helvetica or Arial.


7.  Title page: For projects or reports longer than four pages 

  • All text centred

  • Slightly above the centre of the page: the title of the project or report in bold, Best: use the same font size and type as the rest of the report. You can use 14 if you really feel you need it bigger, but not more than 14.

  • A few lines below: student's name, ID.

  • At foot of page: Name of degree (only if graduation report/research),  the department, The University of Bahrain, Month and Year of presentation.

If you use a title page, then make sure to copy and paste the title of the project or essay on the first page where your research starts (e.g. the introduction). Make the title centred and bold, size 14. You can find a sample title page HERE.


8.  Abstract and summary

An Abstract and lay summary should be included in the project/report after the title page.

The abstract is single spaced, and is written in a single paragraph, 150-250 words.


9. Binding

Most of the time, I only ask for soft copies only. If you are ever asked for a hard copy, remember that binding for English text should be on the left side of the printouts batch. 




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