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Writing an Email






From: Jassim Fuad, Vice President

To: Ali Mahmoud, Director


Re. Discussing promotions




I've received promotion suggestions and I would like to dicuss them with you ASAP pls. Would you be available on Sun., 2nd Oct., please? If not, Monday will suit me too. I have some comments. FYI, the Purchasing Department is not considering propoting any of their staff. I guess we need to look into it.




encl. The received promotion requestions


P. S. I will not be at my desk this afternoon. Pls reply via email.





From: Nora Ahmed, Secreatry, Human Resources

To: Sameera Mohammed, Secretary, Dean, College of Business

Re. Missing conference details


Hi Sameera


You've sent me a letter about your college's upcoming conference, but I've noticed that the date and venue aren't mentioned in the letter. Can you pls resend the letter and make sure to include this infomation too? Pls do so ASAP as the Dean Coucil meeting is next Thursday.






P.S. : I have received the new academic calendars. I'll keep you a copy.










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