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Units 1 and 2

A. Reading

Reading Passage 1  (two links to questions under the passage)

Reading Passage 2  (two links to questions under the passage)

Reading Passage 3 (questions included)

Reading Passage 4 (pages 5 to 8 only)

B. Topic Sentence

Video Lesson (watch until 4:10, then watch the rest to help you in the Writing question.)

Exercise 1 with sample answers

Exercise 2 with sample answers

C. Writing

Video  lesson 1 (watch the video up in B fully)

Video lesson 2

PDF lesson

  • Topics to practice writing a paragraph:

  • how to create an email account

  • how to create a Facebook account

  • how to send an attachment via email.

  • how to create ad use an icloud storage.

  • why you chose to study at the IT college?

  • the consequences of using pirated software

  • the types of smart devices.

Useful grammar lessons to cover:

Capitalisation, verb tenses (present simple, past simple, present continuous past continuous), modal verbs, subject-verb agreement, conjunctions, coordination and subordination.

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