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Grammar Question in the Final Exam


The final exam will cover all the lessons we did. It can contain a question similar to the one below. It should cover the four verb tenses have sutdied this term (present simple, present continuous, past simple & past continuous) both affirmative and negative forms of them (but only in active voice).



Choose the right word to fill in the gap and copy it to the answer sheet.

1. This scientist _____ (make/makes) four experiments to choose the right materials.

2. Human beings _____ (do not control/ does not control) their heart beat rate.

3. The researchers _____ (are still searching/ still search) for a solution to this problem.

4. Doctors must _____ (control/ controlling) the blood pressure of the patient during operations.

5. Three planes ______ (flew/ was flew) in the sky above our heads.

6. After drinking too much cola, his digestive system _______ (did not tolerate/ does not tolerate) more and he collapsed and was taken to the hospital.

7. I can help you with the project. I ____ (am not doing/ do not do) anything.

8. While the child ____ (was breathing / was breathe) the poisonous gas (is spread/ was spreading) all over the room.

9. When I arrived home in the afternoon, the children (were not doing / are not doing) their homework.

10. I normally eat eggs with bread, but because I am on a protien dient this month, I ________ (am eating/ eat) eggs without any bread.

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