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Passive VOice: Present Simple and Past Simple

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A. Based on Language Focus (A) in Unit 3 of the textbook, rewrite the following sentences in passive voice. 

1. A man removed the price label from the package.

2. Someone compares the two programmes.

3. You should add 10 % to the price.

4. The writer describes the procedure in detail on page 17.

5. Scientists developed a new battery.

6. We know the benefits of exercising very well.

7. They did not prove the theory after an intensive analysis.

8. You can pay the bill directly online.

9. Someone stole a car from our neighbourhood.

10. They write the names of the students on the exam papers.

11. I show the results of the experiment in Table 1.

12. He attaches the document to the email.

13. We analyzed the responses of the participants.

14. He used a questionnaire to collect feedback from the students.

15. She ran an experiment to test the resistance of the new material.

16. I uploaded the video to YouTube yesterday.

17. They did not inform all the clients about the change in contract.

18. They made changes to the contract last month.

19. He did not ask me to bring my passport.

20. You must not remove the price tag.

21. They cannot cancel the meeting.

22. They did not cancel the meeting.

23. I keep the car key in the box there.

24. We gathered 300 responses from the students.

25. He identified three weakness points in the system.


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