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Practice: Present and Past Verb Tenses


Fill in the gap with the correct verb tense. You may need more than one word. Use present simple, present continuous, present perfect, past simple, past continuous or past perfect.



I ______ (live) in this house since 2006.

Answer: have been living


You _____ (not buy) the watch when there was a 50% discount. Now you have to pay more.

Answer: did not buy



Maryam:       Hello, Reem. This dress ____________ (be) beautiful.

Reem:            Thank you, Maryam. Last week, my cousin and I ______________________ (go) to Seef Mall to do some shopping. I ____________ (buy) it from there.

Maryam:       Oh, you know, I _____________________ (not be) to Seef Mall for months now!

Reem:            Really? Why not?

Maryam:       Well, my parents usually ______________ (prefer) Manama Souq. We _________________ (not like) going shopping malls.

Reem:            I see.  You know, two weeks ago, while ___________________ (drive) near Manama Souq, I _______­­­­­________ (notice) it was very crowded.

Maryam:       Yes, it _____________ (be) crowded most of the time.

Reem:            One time I spent more than an hour looking for a car part. When I eventually ___________ (find) one, the shop _______________ (already close)!

Maryam:       Oh. . But we ______________ (not look) for a part. My father normally ________________ (drop) us there and ____________ (go) back home and then __________ (come) back after three hours to pick us.

Reem:            That ___________ (be) a good idea!

Maryam:       Yes. You know, we ___________________ (go) there next weekend. Why don’t you come with us?

Reem:            May I? Oh, that_____________ (be)  very nice of you! I’d love to! Thanks!

Maryam:       You’re most welcome.



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