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Topics for


Process Paragraphs


  • How you successfully lost extra weight

  • How you passed a difficult course at university

  • How you improved your English in this courses

  • How you threw a party at home

  • How you take care of your youngest sibiling when your parents are away

  • How you spent the summer vacation without getting bored

  • How you made new friends at university

  • How you helped a friend through difficult times

  • How do you normally spend a week

  • How do you usually spend your weekend


Descriptive Paragraphs

  • A beautiful summer day on the beach.

  • A character from a movie, cartoon, or book

  • The most frightening place you have been to

  • A day in Sikheer

  • A beautiful house that you visited 

  • Your first day of school

  • Your first day of university

  • The worst day of your life

  • A beautiful city/town/village that you visited

  • A village in Bahrain

  • A mosque in Bahrain (or any other country)

  • A person you admire

  • A person you hate

  • The celebration of the National Day in the University

    A beautiful/old/scary building



    Reason Paragraphs

    Why university education is important for you

    Why learning English in important for engineering students

    Why many people like comedy shows

    Why many people like horror movies

    Why many people prefer watching movies at home instead of going to the cinema

    Why aerobics exercises are popular

    Why many young people shop through Instagrams

    Why is X your favourite restaurant/beach/park/room/country

    Why you love a certain sport

    Why many teenagers like reading novels

    Why do you like to spend time with your friends



    Contrast Paragraphs

    Compare your generation to your parents' generation

    Compare university lifestyle to school lifestyle

    Compare your studying habits at school to them at university

    Compare children to adolescents

    Compare how girls spend their free time to how boys spend their free time

    Compare mothers in Bahrain to mothers in another coutry

    Compare families in Bahrain to families in the west












Check List

  • Topic sentence with topic and focus (clearly stating what is happening next)

  • Layers are used

  • Three or four main points (main support)

  • Singals showing that you are moving from one support to another

  • Details under the support: definitions, examples, explinations, justifications, warning, clarification, more details, etc.

  • Conclusion sentence with a clear singal, restating the topic and the focus. You can add your opinion (but no new ideas added)

  • Capitalisation and spelling, comma or full stop (see textbook Appendices for help)

  • Each sentence has a verb, and the correct verb tense is used. Subject-Verb agreement in every sentence (see textbook Appendices for help)

  • Specific nous, use adjectives



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