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Descriptive Paragraph

(This one has one focus. You can do this if you have enough support for that focal point)

Student Sample by Suzan Usama and Eman Nabeel



My bedroom is located on the second floor. I like my room very much because it is elegant. When you open the door, the first thing you will notice is the floor, which is made of creamy ceramic tiles and covered with a large floral carpet. At the opposite side of the door, you will see an elegant white desk with a chair. My books, files and pens are always neatly organised on this desk. Behind the desk there is a large aluminium window with pale lavender silky curtains. There is small wooden bookcase to the right of the desk. On left side of my room, there is a comfortable single bed with white, pink and lavender floral duvet. On its side, there is a matching side table.  While all the other walls are white, the wall behind my bed is painted in light pink, and on this wall there are photos of my friends and I. Just to the left of the bed, there is a door leading to a spacious dressing room that has a large cabinet. The dressing room leads to my small bathroom. I am very happy with my stylish room and love to spend my time there.

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