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Here are links to general grammatical rules. The links are either to explanations and examples or to exercises. The exercises provided come all with an answer-checking feature. 

Different exercises , mainly as PDFs with answer key and others online, can be found HERE

1. Basic Sentence Structure (video, 7 mins.)

2. Rules of Capitalisation (16-minute video) 

or read the rules and examples of Capitalisation here

Capitalisation: exercise

3. Parts of Speech

4. Subject-Verb Agreement 


5. List of Irregular verbs (on a single page)

6. Present Simple: uses and forms

Present Simple: exercise

          Present Simple: More exercises, no answer)

7. Past Simple: uses and forms (video, less than 4 minutes)

Present Simple or Present Perfect?

8. Present Simple or Present Continuous?

Past Tenses

9. Past simple: exercises

10. Past continuous:Same, explanations and examples followed by links to exercises.

Past continuous exercises with KEY

11. Past simple vs. past perfect: in this exercise you will check if you can tell the difference between past simple and past perfect. Again, you can check your answers at the end.

Present Simple or Continuous?

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

12. The use of definite (the) and indifinite article (a/an)

 Articles الشرح بالعربي click here

Article 'the' or zero? short online exercise


13. Prepositions of Time (in, on, at)


14. Prepositions of time (video: 10 mins)


15. Preposition 'to' or 'for'? (video: 9 mins)


16. Preposition in, at and on for places (video: 6 mins)


17. Simple, Compound & Complex Sentences (explanation)


Simple, Compound or Complex? An online quiz- Click 'Start Now')


Compound Sentences (using Subordination): Online exercise 1;

Exercise 2

18. Forming Questions

Forming Questions (video  mins)

19. List of Common Linking Words

20. So that  + could/would (examples)

21. How to change nouns into plural: Rules of regular & irregular plurals

22. Adjectives

23. Adverbs of Frequency: explanations and examples

Adverbs of Frequency: exercise

24. Determiners (which, one, all, both, enough, etc.): singular or plural?

Who, whom, whose? A video explanation

Relative Pronouns (Who, whom, whose, which) Explanation and examples


Who, whom or whose? A short online quiz


Relative Pronouns (who, whom, whose, which) quiz sample

When to use a comma before a relative clause? Lesson (webpage)  , a video


25. Comparing and Contrasting(A)

Comparing and Contrasting (B)

Comparing and Contrasting - following by an Online Quiz

26. 'Use to': explanation and (at the bottom) a link to exercises

Used to, be used to , get used to: Video 7 minutes

27. Passive voice rules

28. Farther or Further?

29. Especially or Specially?

30. Already, Yet, Still , Ever, Never and For with Present Perfect


31. Modal Verbs

how modal verbs are constructed and used.

32. Gerund or Infinitive? The rule

                                          Exercises 1

                                         Exercises 2

33. Conditionals (if)

video (explaining four types in Arabic)

Video (explaining Conditional 0 and 1 in English)

Video (explaining Conditional 2 and 3 in English)

If- clauses (conditionals) four types- PDF

If- clauses (conditionals): exercises

34. Adverbs of Degree  (lesson)

Adverbs enough, too, very (exercise)

35. Suffixes (video, 9 mins)

36. Cause and Effect connectors (Tables with examples followed by an online exercise)

36. When to use commas (,) video, 6 minutes.
37. Parallel Structure: 
Exercise: Beginners' Level 
Exercise: Intermediate Level
38. Fragments, Run-ons and Comma Splices (video, 4 mins.)
Comma Splices and Run-ons (video, 4 mins)
Online quiz 1
PDF exercise 
A longer lesson on Run-ons, comma splices and fragments (33 mins.)
39. Extended rules of commas in a sentence. 
40. The difference between despite and although
41. Because or Because of? Exercise
القواعد النحوية للغة الإنجليزية مشروحة باللغة العربية
Grammar explained in Arabic for students who find the other links very challenging
Dr. Saif Al Ansari's webpage
Recycling English
Advanced Grammar Series YOUTUBE CHANNEL
Videos prepared and presented by my students on detailed grammar topics.
on Grammar.Bahrain Youtube channel HERE 
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