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 ENGL 101

Course textbook: Engaging Writing 1: Essential Skills for Academic Writing by Mary Fitzpatrick

Course specifications and grade breakdown HERE


Self-Study from Textbook

Every student doing Engl 101 MUST make sure that he or she has a good command of the following lessons as they are what the course assumes that the students already know:



Appendix IA Grammar (starting on page 185): lessons 1, 2, 35a, 6a, 6e, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 14.


Appendix IB (starting on page 241): lessons 2a and 2b

1. Word lists

 GS List (20% of English words that are used in 80% of the time)


 Words lists (academic, topic related, etc.)


2. The skill of guessing meaning from context

How to guess the meaning of new words from context


More on guessing meaning from context: Nine techniques (go to page and then scroll down)


3. Adjectives that describe places (basic)


4. Adjectives that describe places (higher lever)


(Also check Adjective placement under Grammar to learn about the order of adjectives)





Extra Reading Passages​
Course Coverage

1. From Chapter 1: Process Essay

Your task:


  • Every two students should submit one single assignment with two names and IDs on it. I will not accept assignments from individuals nor from groups of more than two.

  • Topic to be chosen from p. 6. Read the question carefully. 

  • To be submitted on Monday 17th Oct.  2016.

  • Here is the Check List


2. From Chapter 2: Descriptive Essay

Same instructions as above 

Study "Understanding your Assignment' p. 30.

Then do Exercise 3 (A & B), p. 31

and Exercise 5, p. 33.

3. Chapter 3: Reason Essay

Assignment instead of Wednesday 9 Nov. 2016: Every two students, please hand write an 11-12 sentence long paragraph on this topic: 

What are the effects of moral decadence on society?

  • You can use the internet to collect ideas, information, words, but then write the paragraphs in your own words.

  • Every two together.  

  • Please use correct format!!!! See Check List, highlighted above.

  • Use Excerise 14, p. 81 for help with signals to show cause and effect.

Submit on Monday after the midterm break. It will not be accepted after that. 

Same instructions as in Ch 1

Choose one of the following topics:

  • Why is English language important?

  • Why did you choose to study this specialty?

  • What are the reasons more and more young people are smoking?

  • Explain why xxxx is your favorite movie?

  • Why many people like to watch horror movie?

  • Explain why there is more divorce nowadays.




1. We start with writing a five-sentence process paragraph (topic sentence, three steps, concluding sentence).


2. We then practice writing an 8-11 sentence long process paragaph, based on the structure above, with each step supported with two detail sentences. Follow the sample (below)


In Chapter 2, we will move to writing a descriptive paragraph, 8-11 sentnces.



Paragraph writing and writing a good topic sentence (For Test 1)


Paragraph writing and writing a good topic sentence (video)


Process Paragraph: Guidelines & sample (For Test 1 and 2)


Writing a concluding sentence (video)


Sample Paragraphs (PDF)


Sample for a Process paragraph (Ch. 1)


Balanced Sentences: Parallel Structure (for all)


!!!LINK TO HANDOUT FOR MIDTERM: pargraph Analysis!!!


3. After the midterm exam, we move to writing five-paragraph essayas


Sample Five Paragraph How-to Essay (for the Final Exam)


A second sample of a five paragraph essay


Sample introductory paragraph and a conlusion paragraph for essays


A list of writing topics (updated on 14th Jan. 2015)


Paragraph writing checklist 

Tests & Exams
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