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ENGL 101 Final Exam Guide

The exam will consist of three parts: reading, paragraph analysis, and writing.

Practice reading and writing a lot long time before the exam so that you become faster and faster.

For the reading question: read the title, the first paragraph, and then read the questions so that you will know which pieces of information to look for while reading.

Chapters covered: 1 to 5

Suggested study plan

  1. Check your Test 1 and Test 2 papers. What are your weaknesses? Work on them.

  2. Gerund or Infinitive: textbook pages 74-76, 223-224; Grammar online links (links to exercises)

  3. Go Reading links on Engl 101 main webpage: at least do five reading practices before the final exam. More exercises (followed by answer key) HERE.

  4. Go to Minimum Textbook coverage (HERE), start from Chapter 5 and move backwards for best results. If you think you cannot finish all, focus on the following:


Ch. 5:

pp. 140-141

P 124 Exercise 142 (1: Families in Pakistan and Germany)

p. 139. Concluding Sentences

p. 129. Exercise 7 (1: adolescent Friendships in Canada and Cuba)

p. 125 and 126- the paragraphs: Newborns and One-Year-Olds

p. 124: Topic Sentence of a contrast paragraph

p. 120: Exercise 1


Ch. 4:

p. 112: the table –ed and –ing

p. 90 The table

p. 88 the table


Ch. 3:

p. 81 The table


p. 77-78

Gerund and Infinitives pp. 74-76** (you should have done it already the first thing)

p. 73. The table + Exercise 9

p. 71-72 Exercise 8 (examples of good paragraphs)

p. 56 Table


Ch. 2:

p. 45 Exercise 17

p. 44: Language focus: Expanding the nouns phrase (1, 2, 3, 4- we numbered them together in class)

p. 41. Table

p. 35 Top ( Exercise 7) Topic sentence

p. 30 Understanding Your Assignment (Description)


Ch. 1:

pp. 20-22 Exercises 13, 14 and 15

p. 15 Table

p. 5 Table


  1. GS List (HERE): according to your level in vocabulary and spelling:

    1. weak students: pages 1-5

    2. average students: pages 1-7 or 8

    3. good students: all the list

  2. Go to Grammar links online (HERE), and according to your level cover the following:

    1. weak in English: pink highlighted links

    2. average with grammar problems: yellow highlighted links (use one link each day)

    3. Good:


Possible Writing Topics for Chapter 5

One paragraph 11 sentences

Ch. 5: Compare/What are the differences between:

  • Your generation and your parents' generation

  • Living in a city and living in a village (or the countryside)

  • University life and school days

  • English language and Arabic language (or your own first language)

  • Shopping malls and local souq (e.g. Seef Mall and Manama Souq, or any two.)

  • Shopping online and shopping offline (or shopping in person in the market)

  • two restaurants

  • two of your friends (or two o your relatives)

  • an active student and passive student

For topics for the other chapters, see Test 1 Guide and Test 2 Guide.

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