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 ENGL 340


An Introduction to Linguistics


Textbook: The Study of Language, George Yale

ENGL 340 Course Specifications and grade breakdown can be found HERE

Test 1 Grades out of 20 HERE

Your 60% HERE. If there are any errors, please EMAIL me details.

Human Language Origins & Properties
Sounds of Language
Sound Patterns

Lesson 1

What is RP?

What is phonetics and why does it matter?


English consonants & vowels (PDF)


Consonants Part 1: Voiced vs. voiceless (video - 15 mins) - practice all the sounds and words. Learn how to describe the pronunciation process as she does.

Consonants Part 2 (video, 11 minutes)

Exercise: consonant chart  PDF (symbols and voice)

Lesson 2

Places of articulation (consonants) video, 11 mins)

Articulatory phonetics (voice, place of articulation, manner) (video - 6 mins)

Exercise: Places of articulation (PDF)


Lesson 3

Places & Manners of articulation: video, 11 mins. Focus on the ones in the textbook, Figure 3.2

Lesson 4


Short vowel sounds- with description, (video, 5 mins.)

Diphthongs- long vowels, (video, 8 mins)

Vowels and Diphthongs- symbols and pronunciation (video- linked to 20 individual videos, each per vowel or diphthongs. The links display in the top of the screen while the vowel is presented.)

Test yourself: Recognising Diphthong symbols and sounds: Self-test (video, 8 mins.)

Diphthongs (explanation with examples)

Exercise: Transcription. Pages 1-14: By yourself, you can do Exercises 1, 3, 6, 9, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 & 21.

Lesson 5

The Schwa (video, 4 mins 30)

The Schwa in use (video, 7 mins.)

The eə Sound (video, 3 mins)

The /ɪə/ Sound (video, 5 mins)

The /e/ Sound vs. other vowels (video, 12 mins- use part from 2:40 to test yourself by pausing and guessing the answer and they resuming.)

American vs. British pronunciation differences- a general comparison (video 7 mins.)

Examples of words with /ə/,  /ɜ:/,   /əʊ/, /ɪə/, /ʊə/ and /eə/ (PDF file)

Transcriptions of  Common English Words (Try to transcribe them by yourself before seeing the transcription)

Transcription Exercise (with answer key)

Transcription Exercise 2 (with answer key)

Recognising Diphthongs- Online Test

Transcribing words with diphthongs - Exercise PDF


Word Formation

Your lessons on-line (you need to have your notebook, and pause the video when required to take notes. These are equivalent to complete sessions if you pause to take notes.)

PART 1 What is morphology (video,  7 mins.) 

plus book: Ch. 6. text under the following headings: Morphology, morphemes,  free and bound morphemes

What is a morpheme (video, 4 mins.)

Inflectional and Derivational morphemes (video, 12 mins.)

Plus textbook: free and bound morphemes (again), Lexical and functional, Morphologial description.

Lesson explained by Dr. Lamya (Derivational vs. Inflectional Morphemes) HERE

PART 2 Morphemes and Allomorphs 1 (video, 5 mins.)

Morphemes and Allomorphs 2 (video, required only until  3:34)

Plus textbook: Morphs and allomorphs

Handout on Morphemes and Allomorphs 

Study Questions: 1-4

Tests & Exams
Essay Writing Guidelines
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