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Transcription Assignment/ Practice


Please read carefully!

Submission date Sunday 30th October 2016


GS list consists of around 20% of English language words, but these are the words used 80% of the time. Thus, they are the most common English word and pronouncing them properly is very important. 

I have arranged the words in a PDF document in 7 columns per page. The link to the folder is available under Assignments and Test.


1. Go to the list, number the columns 1 to 7. The column number is your group number. Each group is in charge of the column carrying its number in pages 1 to 12.


(e.g. Group 1 is in charge of the first columns on pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 an 12. Group 2 is in charge of words in the second columns on pages 1-12, and so on. )

2. Divide the work among you (3 columns from 3 pages per person) and transcribe the words using IPA system. Use a dictionary (don't just guess!) that follows the same symbol system we used in class. Set a deadline among you to finish the individual task. 

3. Once the four of you have finished, meet and check each other's transcription. Each person should point out any difficult or unexpected transcriptions. List these as cases you want to draw the class's attention to.

Write all the transcriptions and words in one document. Remember to use the double slash for the transcription. Remember to number the words. for example:

1. bed        /bed/

2. known    /nəʊn/

4. Underline or highlight the words you have found that their pronunciation is difficult or unexpected to you (anything between 10 and 30 is fine, unless you think you need to draw attention to more than that.)

5. If you are handwriting, please make sure the paper is



size A4

The margin is on the left

write on every other line (NOT every line)

If you are typing, beside the size and colour above, note that

you are using only black ink for the text

spacing between lines is 1.5

font: something formal, not a script, not comic, size 12 for the body text. Headings can be 14 and in bold.

Do not use italic.

5. Cover page

In the upper left corner: 

The University of Bahrain

The English Language & Literature Department

In the center:

Size 14 and Bold

Transcription of Common English Words

Group X 

(X is your group number)

Two or three lines below, centred, size 12:

Submitted by

Name, ID

Name, ID

Name, ID

Name, ID

At the bottom, centred, size 12

November 2016

(PS: The first name should be the name of the student leading the work. It will not affect your grades, but it is, first of all, a common practice in academic writing to have the name of the person leading the research or doing most of the work first- and it would be a nice gesture from the team as a way to say 'thank you for your efforts!'.)

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