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Courses on Demand

Writing on Sofa

More to achieve with priorities sorted out.

Elements of Creative Writing (stories and Novels)

Learn how to plan your story, how to build the characters, and write proper descriptions of characters, weather, items, and feelings. Learn when to provide details and when not to, and learn what are considered bad endings that one should avoid and what is considered a good way to start your story.

A total of 12 hours (based on lecturing and short exercises. For a full writing project, longer hours will be negotiated to fit the goal). 

Make them behave without hating you!

Get the kids to become Cooprative
By Choosing Your Words


This workshop includes methods of talking with children at home and at school so that they change their style and their interest in education to the best.


We evaluate what the parents and/or the teachers are saying in certain situations and discuss how that can reflect on a child's behavior.


The workshop covers four major issues:


1.       Expressing respect by acknowledging the child's feelings

2.       Skills that invite the child to cooperate

3.       Self-discipline using six alternatives to punishments

4.       Six engaging steps to problem solving


The work duration is three days, three hours each day (a total of 9 hours).

So you have a buiness idea but need it to be put down on paper? This course is for you!

Fundamentals of Academic Reseach


for postgraduate students


Learn how to choose a topic for your research, set goals and objectives, when to write research questions and when to write hypotheses, how to choose the appropriate method and approach, which data to collect, and how to link your data collection tool to the goal of the research. Learn how to choose an academic writing style and how to present and describe graphs and tables. 

12 hours of lecturing.


Negotiation is a knowledge- and practice based knowledge. Learn it with us.

Negotiation Skills

We negotiate almost every day in our lives, whether at home, at work, or in the market. Negotiation is a transferable skill, and mastering requires a combination of knowledge and practice. Learn the most important concepts, techniques, and methods of negotiation. 

12 hours



Getting Difficult Students to Behave

Do these few buggers turn your class to Hell? Do you notice that they are multiplying, as more obedient ones are copying misbehaving students and it seems that no rewards or punishment is getting them to behave? Is your lesson turning into a battle and you either end up fighting to regain quietness and respect or give up and deliver the lesson with a few monkeys jumping here and there and noises making your voice difficult to hear?


Then this is the right workshop for you. Get these students to behave. They are here to learn and not to make your life miserable. No magical spell is provided in this course, but tried techniques that worked for many educators and schools- and we are not talking about sanctions or threats!


A six-hour workshop, delivered in two days.

Some French Child Raising Techniques that Work

This workshop conveys techniques presented by Pamlela Drackenman in her successful book Why French Children Don't Throw Food. The book is a long narration of the author's experience as an American writer who moves to France for work and then gets married to a British writer and has their children in Paris and brings them up there. She observes the French people and notices how the children and calmer and better behaved and starts investigating how the Parian way differs and how these small differences make a big difference in the result. She bases her investigations on reading, observing, asking, discussing, and trial-and-error. She succeeds in making improvements in her kids', and consequently, her and her husband's lifestyle.

9 hours

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