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In-class quiz (10%)

Monday 28th Dec.

during class time.

Coverage: Vocabulry lists (tables with words) of 

Chapter 1: p. 5

Chapter 2:  p. 28

Chapter 3: pp. 55-56

Chapter 4: pp. 88 & 90

Chapter 5: p. 122


Answered Quiz of 28th Dec. is HERE


You will be given 20 sentences with missing words.

You will have a total of 26 words in a box from which you will choose to fill the gap with the most suitable word. 

You will have 15 minutes to finish the test.

Make sure you know the meanings and parts of speech of each word to be able to decide which words fits in which sentence. 



felxible   annoying    intellectual   diverse   happiness     pressure  emotionally     informative   competition   annnoyed  various   effective   bored   spacious  infancy  uplifitng     charming  management  financial(a total of 26 words from the lists)


1. I find it rather __________ that you keep whispering to your colleague in class.

2. There were ________ options to choose from and I like more than one. 

3. It was raining heavily and the football match was cacelled. I had nothng to do at home and I was really ______.

4. Money does not buy ____________.

5. She me a ____________ young man.

6. You nedd more ___________ studying methods to learn more in less time.

7. My teacher's feedback was ___________ and I felt positive and motivated.

8. Your bedroom is ___________ and you can easily fit a double bed in it.

9. There was a fierce _____________ between the two companies, yet they showed respect towards each other.

10. What you said hurt him ______________.

11. There was a lot of __________ on him and eventually he decied to quit his job.

12. To be able to study abroad, I will seek ___________ support from a government insititution. (20 sentences, 0.5 mark for each).

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