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Find errors (check the verbs first: is it the correct tense? Are there any problems with irregular verbs? spelling? Do you need gerund or infinitive? If present simple, do you need an -s at the end or not? Then check the subject, spelling? Singular or plural? Do you need a/an? Check the adjectives: are they in the the correct position? If there is a/an/the before them, is there a noun after them? Check the prepositions: are they correct?)

1. We take three exams last week.

take x---> took

2. All the exams was difficult. 

was x--> were

3. The instructors telled us that the grades were low.

telled x---? told

4. My friend was felt very disappointed.

was felt x---> felt

5. I asked my instructor repeating the exam

repeating x--> to repeat

6. Howeve, he did not allow me doing this.

doing x---> to do

7. He said I should starting studying for the next test.

starting x --> start

8. On Monday, my father usually do grocery shopping.

do x ---> does

9. My brother and sister has their own bedroom, but I don't.

has x---> have

10. They owns mobile phones, but I don't.

owns x-- own

11. Cat like fish.

Cat x--> Cats

12. A students must wear uniform

A students---> Students OR A student

13 Engineers should having an aesthetic sense. 

having x --> have

14. I like reading a books.

a books x --> books

15. This is tall building.

tall building x --> a tall building

16. There are fifty luxury flats in it.

luxury x---> luxurious

17. The windows are hugely.

hugely x---> huge

18. The decor is a modern.

a modern  x --> modern

19. There are fancy furniture.

are x ---> is

20. I like buying furnitures.

furnitures x---> furniture

21. Please send me all the informations.

informations x ---> information

22. I have an advice for you.

an advice x---> advice

23. You may  watching TV or going out for a walk.

may watching... or going  x ---> may watch ... or go

More writing topics (write 8-14 sentenecs. You must use layers: TC, MS, Details, CS, and signals)

  1. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Self-confidence is the most important factor for success in school or at work. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

  2. Is modern culture ruining childhood?

  3. Should children be allowed to wear whatever they want?

  4. Are antismoking ads effective?

  5. Which is more important: talent or hard work?

  6. Would you rather study at Home or in a library?

  7. Does keeping a messy desk make people more creative?

  8. How can traffic jam issue in Bahrain be solved?

  9. Why is it important to get a degree from a university?

  10. Why should Bahrain have a recycling programme?

  11. Why should we not waste electricity?

  12. Why is working out important to all people?

  13. Why do we need English language?

  14. Why smoking should be banned in all public places?

  15. Why many students hate learning English?

  16. Why did you choose to study engineering/architecture/interior decor?

  17. Why do you like a specific garden or park in Bahrain?

  18. Compare two cities.

  19. Compare two villages.

  20. Compare two of your best friends.

  21. Compare school life with university life.

  22. Compare your generation with your grandparents'.

  23. Compare your room to your sister's/ brother's room.

  24. Compare Isa Twon campus with Sikheer campus.

  25. Compare Iphone with Sumsung phone.

  26. What is the difference between watching a movie at home and watching it in the cinema?

  27. What is the difference between eating in and dining out?

  28. Explain how a student register for courses at the University of Bahrain.

  29. Describe UoB's Isa Town Campus.

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