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Test 1 Guidelines

You have only ONE hour. 

Last year's T1 is HERE

1. The easy question in the exam: analysing a text

Can you find the different parts of a paragraph:

a topic sentence?

The conclusion?

Main supports?


Can you identify /find

The topic in the topic sentence?

The controlling idea in the topic sentence?

Transition words in the paragraph? p. 15

Can you add missing transition words?

Can you add an introductory sentence to a paragraph?

Can you add a concluding sentence to a paragraph?

More practice on this part is HERE

2. Reading

Understand the general idea. 

Guess the meaning of words from context. Read the sentence and see what fits in there.

Reference words (he, they, both, her, we, them, which, that, this, our, ....): Find the noun that is of the same number and that fits in the place of the pronoun.

Reading practices with answers are HERE

3. Writing (8-11 sentences)

  • Attention to verb tenses (present or past?) See links to Irregular Verb, Present Simple and Past Simple under Grammar .  Also see book p. 18-19. 

  • A good topic sentence:

    • for a process essay, see p. 7.

    • for a descriptive paragraph, see pp. 34-35. You can focus on one thing only or two things.

  • A good conclusion

  • Use adjectives, specific words, prepositional phrases (p.44)

  • Use transition words to move from one Main Support to the next Main Support (the table on p. 41)

Topics to prepare words for:

describing a house, a room, a city/ country you visited, a beach, university of Bahrain, a person you admire/ hate, a famous person.

See example paragraphs on p. 29, no. 2 on p. 40 and p. 45.

This is a student sample  HERE  

Process: explain how you chose what to study at university, how to change a flat tyre, how to succeed in a difficult course, how you manage your time efficiently,  make friends easily,  create a Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter account,   stay fit/healthy, lose weight.

See example paragraphs on p. 7, no. 2 on p 16 and p. 21

This is a student sample HERE

Remember: You either narrate something that happened and finished (=past simple), or something that is a routine in your life (=present simple)

Grammar and Vocabulary: Choose your level!

This is the MINIMUM to cover, but I encourage you to cover more after you finish with this by going to MINIMUM COVERAGE

LEVEL 1. Minimum Requirement for Weak Students

From the book: 


See the following lesson in the book or online under Grammar:

Irregular Verbs

Present Simple

Past Simple

Subject-Verb Agreement


Modal verbs


Words in tables in the book p. 5 and p. 28

GS List-only pages 1-3 HERE

LEVEL 2. Minimum Requirements for Average Students

The points above in LEVEL 1 plus the following:

Under Grammar

The use of definite (the) and indefinite article (a/an)

Prepositions of time

Prepositions of place

Simple, compound and complex sentences

GS List pages 1-6 HERE

LEVEL 3. Minimum Requirements for Excellent Students

The points above in LEVEL1 and LEVEL 2 plus the following:

Under Grammar:

Present simple or present continuous

Past simple or present perfect

Adjective placement


GS List at least 1-10, best if you cover all. HERE

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