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Guidelines for Writing a Process Paragraph


Below I will first provide guidelines and then provide a sample paragraph.



For the introduction sentence:

Some examples: Choose depending on the topic. Not all fit all topics.


X is easy if you follow these steps.

It is easy to X if you follow these steps.

To X, follow these steps.

In order to X, follow these steps.

Follow these steps to X.

X can be stressful, but you can reduce your stress by following these steps.

X is a process that requires Y and Z. (e.g. ‘patience and determination’, ‘attention and wisdom’, ‘knowledge and experience’, etc.)


*You can replace ‘these steps’ with ‘this procedure’, ‘these guidelines’, ‘these instructions’, ‘these directions’.

*You can replace ‘easy’ with ‘simple’, ‘possible’, ‘problem-free), etc.

For the main point sentences, use the table on page 97.

*For both the main points and details, use some from page 101 and 45. In the body of your essay, use some subordinators (perhaps two at minimum, six or seven at maximum) from page 101.

*For the conclusion: Use a suitable signal from the table on page 47 for the conclusion. Remember to mention key words (such as steps, guidelines, instructions, etc.). Don't write new infomation.

*Read examples from the book in Chapter 3 and in the paragraph essay in Chapter 3 and Chapter 6.


A sample Process Paragraph


Below is an essay with 11 sentences and with subordinators used:

**I add footnotes to clarify what type of sentence each is. I underline the I use. Notice the signals too.


Creating a Facebook account is an easy procedure if you followed these three steps[1]. First of all, you need to go to the homepage of Facebook, which is[2]. As soon as you get there, you will notice a heading saying ‘Sing Up’ on the right[3]. Since signing up requires inserting your email address, you should already have an email account set up before setting up a Facebook account[4]. Now that opened the homepage, you need to provide your email account address, provide a password to use to login your Facebook, provide your name as you want it to appear in the Facebook account, date of birth and your gender[5]. The second step is to submit these data by clicking on ‘Sign Up’[6]. Once you click on it, an account will be created for you[7]. Now you will be asked to use the email address and the password provided to log in[8]. When you log in, you may add friends and acquaintances who already have Facebook accounts, you can post something there for all your contacts or send private messages to individuals[9]. You can also post photos and comment on your friends posts[10]. As it is clear from the guidelines above, it is very easy and straightforward to create a Facebook account and enjoy being in touch with friends even if you do not meet them often[11].


[1] Sentence 1: Introduction

[2] Sentence 2: First supproting/main idea (step 1)

[3] Sentence 3: detail 1 for Main Idea 1.

[4] Sentence 4: detail 2 for Main Idea 1.

[5] Sentence 6: detail 3 for Main Idea 1.

[6] Sentence 7: Second supporting/main idea (step 2).

[7] Sentence 8: detail 1 for Main Idea 2.

[8] Sentence 9: Third supporting/main idea (step 3).

[9] Sentence 10: detail 1 for Main Idea 3

[10] Sentence 11: detail 2 for Main Idea 3

[11] Sentence 11: conclusion starting with a signal and then giving a general comment.




Below is another sample. The topic is 'how to buy a used car'.


Getting a Deal on Wheels


Finding a reliable used car at an affordable price requires both planning and persistence. A good starting point is narrowing down the type car you want or need. Be realistic. You may envision yourself cruising around town in a little convertible, but that won’t leave much room for the kids and dogs. Once you’ve settled on the basic vehicle, do some research to find out which vehicles have good reliability ratings. The internet and books like Lemonade can help you pick out the high maintenance turkeys. The next step is finding the model you are looking for. Used car lots will give you an idea of price, but they can be expensive and full of used car salesmen. Check your local paper, car buyers’ magazines and the internet. When you finally track down what looks like the perfect car, the last step is the test drive and inspection. If the car drives well and looks good, arrange to have your mechanic inspect it. Never omit this step. After your mechanic gives the car the OK, all that’s left is to haggle over the price.





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