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Engl 101 Midterm Structure



 A text at the same level and length of the book reading passages with 10 questions: 6 general comprehension, 2 Vocabulary (Multiple Choice) and 2 MC opinion/fact/both/neither.


Part 2 - paragraph structure and type - questions about number of sentences, identifying sentences as Topic/Concluding/Main Support/Detail, and writing a TS and CS to a given Body (x2).


Part 3 - writing - a descriptive paragraph of 11 sentences which should display the following characteristics and qualities:



  1. a title

  2. a topic sentence with controlling idea

  3. main support and detail sentences

  4. a concluding sentence

  5. accurate use of transitions

  6. accurate sentence structure

  7. correct use of tenses

  8. accurate use of verb forms

  9. accurate spelling

  10. accurate punctuation

All parts are 10 marks each for a total of 30.

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