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ENGL 125 VOcabulary Excersices


Below are examples of vocabulary question you will get in the tests and in the final exam. I am providing practices for every two lessons in one list.

Lessons 1 & 2

cell     launched      stem        produces      explosive     research    hook      goal      environment      fuel      microscope     nervous calculations      shapes       prove      cooperated      transport    breeding      orbit      record      century      altitudes       ecology astronaut        rocket      complex      fossil      medicine characteristics      ocean      crops


1. This is an old book. It was written in the late 19th ______.

2. Some people are afraid of high _____ and can't climb mountains.

3. TNT is an _______ chemical mixture.4. Wood, petrol, gas and coal are different kinds of ____.

5. My results are based on long and careful _______.

6. It is important to _____ your hypothesis in by scientific method.

7. We _____ a new educational TV channel last month and it has been very successful.

8. Nowadays, many satellite ______ Earth.

9. I don't only care about passing the course. My real ___ is learning and improving my skills.

10. When I was a child, I always dreamed of becoming an _______ and going into space.

11. Our team members ______ to win this game.

12. The accident caused a permanent damage to his _____ system.

13. The brain of a mammal is more _______ than other animals.

14. Buses and trains are means of _________.

15. Vanilla is extracted from the ______ of a plant.

16. In the College of Science, we carry out a lot of ______ .

17. A ______ is used to examine cells and other small organisms.

18. An animal ______ was found near the hill and it was taken to the museum.

19. Can you believe than an egg is actually a single _____?

20. The Arab Sea is connected to the Indian ________._____ different flowers can result in new types.

21. This study compares the _______ of two phyla of plants.

22. Different haircuts suits different face _____ .

23. Panadol is a popular ______ used as a pain killer.

24. When you do an experiment, you should ______ all your observations.

25. We reduce our carbon footage to keep our ______ healthy.

26. Some maize _______ are developed to resist pests.

27. I want to study _______ but it is not being taught at the UoB.



Lessons 3 & 4

   landslides  expand   flows   boats  electricity   ocean involved  provided   species     bottom   enough  direction    gravity cracks   river reason pressure   flight    stream   directly  connected      created     contrisurrounded   glacier gained   smooth      involved   reduce engine    lift   slow contributed  mountains   layer    covered



1. A money’s body is _________ with hair.

2. In the past, wells and springs __________ people in Bahrain with water.

3. There are more than a thousand _______ of this orchids.

4. You should send the letter ________ to the manager.

5. The Arabian Gulf the Arab Sea are _________.

6. Our boat is too small. We can’t sail in an _________ with it!

7. The police _____________ the criminal and caught him.

8.__________ are dangerous and can cause deaths and casualties.

9. She is good at climbing _________.

10. Onion has ____________. The outer one is often thin and dry, but the inner ones are thicker and moist.

11. This wall has ___________ and we need to fix them before we paint the room.

12. Heat makes materials ______________.

13. Unlike other rivers, River Nile ___________ from South to North.

14. In which _______ should I drive to reach Riffa?

15. ___________ affects the way plants grow. This how seeds know in which direct their stem should grow.

16. I hope you have a good __________ for what you have done!

17. People with high blood _________ are advised to reduce salt intake in their food.

18. The car __________ has broken down and we need to get the car to a garage.

19. ________ your arms high above your head and jump!

20. The car brakes can stop or _______ down the car.

21. You, too, are ___________ in this problem! You caused the damage!

22. She _______ five kilos after she stopped exercising.

23. The fur of this cat is soft and _________.

24. Please ________ the volume of the TV! It’s too high!

25. This amount of paint is not __________ to finish the poster. We need more.

26. Global warming has ______ to the problem these plants are facing.

27. In the 1990s, tourism _______ a great opportunity for economic growth in this country.



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