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Theme 2: Writing a Procedure Paragraph Checklist

1. One paragraph. No numbers, no bullet points.

2. Sentences start with a capital letter and end with a full stop

3. Each sentence contains a verb

  • All verbs are in the past tense

  • Passive voice (was +V3 or were + V3) is used if the agent is the researcher/writer;

  • active voice is used elsewhere (one word, -ed or irregular)

4. Numbers: in letters if 10 or less or if followed by a measuring unit; figures if more than 10.

5. Dates: do you need in, on, from ... to?

6. Proper names of people, names of places, companies or departments: capital initial

7. When writing the steps, use 'then' or 'Next' or 'After that' one or two times where suitable.

8. Check that you did not forget -s of plural words!

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