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General Writing guildeines for tasks and short assignments


  • Use A 4 size, not a small peice of paper. If hand writing, use lined papers like the one here.

  • The margin (line, cutting line, puncture holes) should be on the left of the page where you start writing.

  • Use font size 12. Choose a formal font, for example Arial or New Times Roman.

  • Do not write in the margins, including the top margin. 

  • Leave a 1 inch (2.5 cm) margin on the left and right of the paper.

  • On the first line, to the left write your name, on the following line your student ID, then your course number and between parenthese your section number, and then the date.

  • On the following Line, in the center, write the title of the the assignment. Use capitalisation rules (First words and main words have their initial capitalised). underline the title.

  • After that, write on every OTHER line (NOT every line).

  • Leave one line before every new heading or subheading, but no line after the heading or subheading.

  • Check all spelling and grammatical rules you have learnt. Write clearly. You can practice handwriting here.

  • This is an example of the top of your assignment paper:



Mariam Ali


Engl 154 (13)

20 Mar. 2017


Passive Voice

The new invention of gunpowder was mainly used by the Chinese in fireworks. (past simple).


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